Divot Board
Golf Swing Trainer

Instant Feedback. Anytime. Anywhere!

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The Divot Board


The feedback that the Divot Board golf swing trainer will provide goes beyond being a golf thing and becomes a learning thing. People learn in all different ways, but for learning to be effective feedback should be given immediately.

will change your game

there has never been a feedback tool that instantly shows your contact point with the ball and the ground. The Divot Board helps you understand what is happening at impact. So, you can make changes to improve your game.

Divot Board

Divot Board

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  • Immediate Feedback
  • Track ball flight through reading your divot
  • Read your divot, correct your swing

Divot Board Replacement Pad

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Pull off the your worn out pad, peel off the backing and stick it to the base.
Divot Board Replacement Pad



One of the simplest and great golf training aids ever created.

Adam Young
Online Golf Coach - adamyounggolf.com

It doesn’t matter if you slice if you hit it straight if you draw… Whatever your problem is, it’s going to improve it when you use this board.

Clay Ballard

Compact and portable, I throw it on my living room floor and take full swings barefoot in the house. The thick rubber base eliminates any worry of damage to my hardwood floors or hard feedback on the joints.

Recent Buyer

This is a fantastic diagnostic tool that addresses one of the biggest problems of practicing on artificial turf. We finally have something that gives golfers crystal clear feedback on one of the most important fundamentals in the golf swing – ground contact.

Jon Sherman


How The Divot Board Golf Trainer Works:

The Divot Board golf trainer works for both right and left-handed golfers and has 4 easy steps:

Position • Swing • Read • Repeat

1. Position

Position the Divot Board to align the ball image with your set-up.

2. Swing

Keep your focus on the image of the golf ball. Take your swing.

3. Read Your Divot

After your swing, read your divot. Assess changes for your next swing.

4. Adjust

Use your club or hand to reset the Divot Board. REPEAT!