Divot Board - Golf Swing Trainer

 Instant Feedback. Anytime. Anywhere.


Patented Revolutionary - A Target with Instant Feedback


Divot Board Steps

Works for Both Right and Left Handed Golfers



Position the Divot Board to

align the ball image

with your set-up.


Keep your focus on the image

of the golf ball. 

Take your swing.


Read Your Divot. Assess changes 

for your next



Use your club or hand to

reset the Divot Board.


What People Are Saying

Mark A.

Jupiter Florida

So simple, but so powerful. My swing has become silky smooth and my ball contact amazingly accurate. I use it every day!

Dave E.
Auckland, AUK

“Why has someone not thought of this before now, it is my favorite training tool. I can say I am more relaxed when I play, maybe it is muscle memory or just the repetition of hitting the Divot Board, either way the ball is going where I want it to go. Thank you to whoever invented this."

Mike C.
Langley, BC

“This is the best training tool I have ever used. I would shank balls all the time. The Divot Board helped me see and understand why it was happening, no more shanks!!!”



Ball Contact, Its Required

How Many Swings to be Good?

Always Be On Your A-Game!

Golf Iron

Consistent Ball Contact


Can You Find The Time?


A Couple Minutes A Day

“Striking the ball then ground is one of the most important fundamentals in the golf swing - one that all top players possess. The divot board dramatically speeds up your learning by giving you instant feedback.

“Learn anywhere you can swing a club - even without a ball!

In lockdown? Has winter arrived and you can’t get out to the course/range? No problem with “The Divot Board”. You can be improving your game year-round.

Never feel hesitant again when asked to play after a long time away from the golf course. Just a couple minutes of practice a day will allow you to have your A-game ready to go!