Divot Board Video Instructions

Divot Board & Mark Crossfield have teamed up, to improve your swing.

Understanding Club Path

The club path refers to the path that the clubhead follows as it comes through the ball. A club path that is too far to the left or right can result in inconsistent shots and a loss of accuracy. By understanding and controlling your club path, you can improve your ball-striking ability and ultimately, your overall golf game.

Fixing Thin Shots

If your divot moves significantly forward, it indicates that you are likely to catch the ball thin. This can greatly impact your distance and accuracy.

Fixing Fat Shots

Visualize a target on the Divot Board and imagine that you need to chase up to the front of the lines. By doing this, you will train yourself to strike the ball with more precision and eliminate those frustrating fat shots.

Fixing Toe Strikes

One effective way to fix toe strikes is by adjusting your address. Start by focusing on the yellow circle in the middle of the divot board. Then, concentrate on moving your strike towards the yellow dot. With practice and consistency, you will be able to align your strikes with the desired target.

Fixing Heel Strikes

One way to use the divot board is to focus on the inner line of the board during your swing. By directing your attention to this line and trying to feel like you're hitting it, you can intentionally move your strike more towards the toe of the clubface. This deliberate adjustment helps you develop the necessary control and consistency to hit the ball consistently on the center of your club.