Frequently asked questions

The Divot Board has a carabiner-style club that can hook to your golf bag. You can carry the Divot Board on the outside of your bag, but we have found that it often fits in the apparel pocket of your bag as well. Whether or not you like to let other golfers know the reason behind your score lowering, or you want to keep it hidden in your bag, you have that option.

Unlike other bulky hitting mats, the Divot Board is more of a hitting pad. This means that you won’t be adding much weight to your bag to put this Divot Board in place. However, keeping it with you will mean that you have access to work on your game wherever you may be.

While you are hitting the golf ball, the Divot Board has already provided your instant feedback. The only step you need to take is to look back down at the board and see how effective your golf swing was. You won’t have to wait for a computer screen to load or to rewind a video to see whether or not the swing looks exactly like it should. Instead, you simply look down at the impact position and take note of the club path.

No other golf swing trainer has the ability to offer this instant feedback and have it be nearly as accurate as the Divot Board. We all like to think that we are smart and athletic and can make adjustments in our golf swings. Although this is true for many of us, the instant feedback that the Divot Board offers is something that every golfer can benefit from.

Players using the Divot Board for quite some time admit to having a much better understanding of the ball flight laws. Since the Divot Board gives the feedback necessary to make adjustments in your game, you quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.

When looking down at the board, you will start to do anything you can with your golf game to try and get those perfect smooth marks of the club. Seeing a club path that goes outside in or inside out can be frustrating and will require you to make swing adjustments. 

These visuals are straightforward to transfer to the course. When standing on the course and looking down at your iron approach shot to the green, you will start to see the pure white mar that you have become so accustomed to seeing on the Divot Board. Efficiently transferring your time spent working with this training tool to the golf course makes the Divot Board a very valuable golf swing trainer.

The Divot Board has a replaceable top pad. Designed to be able to pull off the old pad and peel and stick a new pad. The durability of the Divot Board pad depends on how hard and how fat it is hit. For adults we see a range of between 1000 and 3000 hits before needing a replacement. Though, we have kids that have been hitting on the Divot Board for over a year with more than 6,000 hits. You will see wear on the pad, but it is working if you can still read the divot. It is time to replace the pad when the plastic discs start to come off.

When you purchase a golf swing trainer, it is important to plan where you will use the device. Do you have a setup at home that allows you room to practice? Are you going to head to the local driving range? Are you lucky enough to have a simulator set up in your basement? Wherever you are planning to work on your golf game, you will want to work that out before purchasing your swing trainer.

The great thing about the Divot Board is that it will work on rubber mats, on turf, and even on your carpet in your home. The Divot Board stays in place wherever you put it, and you can repeatedly swing without having to adjust it each time.

Most players love to use the Divot Board at the driving range because the turf feels so pure, and the positive feedback is so much more productive when using the Divot Board. If you are going to be hitting off of mats, you may also use a mat that will give you some valuable information about your game.

It depends, if you are on plush carpet or artificial turf the Divot Board’s spikes will hold it in place, if you are on thin carpet or thin artificial turf the Divot Board will move some. We are developing a large mat that you can stand on with an insert for the Divot Board to fit into, so it will not move at all and it can be used on tile and hardwood floors. We will sell the mat on our website. We hope to roll out this product sometime in 2023.

Yes, we do but our pricing agreements with our distributors prevent us from advertising those prices. If you are looking for 10 or more units for educational purposes, please email us at

Yes we can ship anywhere in the world. We are based in the United States. For shipping overseas there is often a mandatory tariff or duty that the customer must pay in order to receive the product.

22 ¼” long x 6” wide Height without the spikes 3/8” - Weighs 1.7 lbs. There is a hook that allows you to attach the Divot Board to your golf bag when taking it to the driving range.

The Divot Board has ¼” spikes that stick into the mat/carpet. The top pad sits about 3/8 of an inch above the mat. When you are out on the golf course you will rarely find a level spot to hit from. We should always be judging whether the ball is above or below our feet. You can choke down on the grip about 3/8 of an inch to make up for the 3/8” height of the Divot Board.

If you are not happy with your Divot Board in the first 30 days, return the Divot Board for a full refund. Please contact us before you return the Divot Board, so we know you are sending it back.

The Divot Board is a feedback tool, it does not teach swing mechanics. We are building a list of online instructors that have incorporated the Divot Board into their teaching. This list will grow as more instructors are introduced to the Divot Board.