3 Key Features Of A Great Golf Swing Trainer

A golf swing trainer is a tool that helps you improve your game and lower your golf scores. In order for a golf swing trainer to be effective in helping you improve your game, it needs to have some specific characteristics. There are many golf swing trainers on the market to choose from, some are great, and some are not so great. We have noticed that all great golf swing trainers have three standard features. Let’s take a look at these features and help you understand the importance when choosing a golf swing trainer for your game.


Improve Your Golf Swing

Get Instant Feedback On Your Golf Swing

A golf swing trainer that gives instant feedback is the best way to help a golfer’s brain develop the connections that it needs. When you see that you have made a mistake in your golf swing through a video or an image, it can help give you an idea of what you need to fix.


However, when you get instant feedback seconds after you swing, there is both a physical and a mental connection that contribute to bettering your golf game.


Golfers that put on golf swing jackets or use launch monitors to help get their swings worked out will have a hard time making instant connections to help improve their game. There is too long of a gap between the shot that was hit and the understanding of the changes that need to be made to their swing mechanics.


When you practice with the Divot Board golf swing trainer, you can take a swing and then look directly down at the board to see what the path of the club was. If the path felt great and the divot looked great, you can start to think about the pre-shot routine, the setup, and the takeaway that led to that perfect shot.


Instant feedback provides the best tips for bettering your golf game. Golfers want results, and they want to see them quickly. The best golf training aids can give golfers this instant feedback and make it much easier to improve their game.

Divot Board Is A Trainer Offering Flexibility and Portability


Often golf swing trainers require a particular setup: backpacks, cameras, and specific environmental conditions. The Divot Board is a unique instant feedback golf trainer because you can use it with or without a ball. Without a ball, you can use it safely in the comfort of your own home. While on the driving range, add it below your ball to see the instant connection between your swing patterns and the trajectory of the ball. This dual-purpose golf swing feedback method allows you to become hyper-aware of the cause and effect your swing is having on your shot.


The best golf swing trainers are also portable. Some options on the market require a very specific setup, or they are large and bulky. The portability of your golf swing trainer allows you to move from home to the driving range and even to the office, where you still have access to work on your golf game.


To get better at golf, you will need to put in quite a bit of time. The problem with this is that finding time to practice golf is challenging in our busy everyday lives. This is why taking a few minutes when you wake up in the morning or before a meeting at the office; you will want to have access to a great golf swing trainer.


All it takes is a few minutes a few times a day to see the differences that will occur from putting the time in. Some golf swing trainers will fit in your golf bag, and others will clip on the side of the bag. The Divot Board has a small clip that allows you to attach the board to an umbrella holder or golf towel holder on the side of your bag. Some golfers are even attaching it to the area where the bag strap sits.


The Divot Board is light enough that you can still carry your clubs to the range with ease while it is appropriately strapped into place. You can trust us on this one, the big bulky golf training aids will be used for a weekend, and then they will sit in the garage. Lightweight, portable, and easy to set up technology is what all golfers need.

Instant Visualization Of Your Golf Swing

If you haven’t started focusing on the mental aspects of the game of golf, you may be just a bit behind. Golfers are tested when it comes to the mental side of the game, and they must be able to perform. When you watch professional golf, chances are the golfers that have the toughest mental capacity will win that week.


One of the major components of working on the mental game of golf is perfecting the concept of visualization. If you can visualize your golf shots, your swing, your putts, you are one step closer to completing them.


Visualization gives the brain a target and a goal. The better you can get at this process and learning to picture what you are looking at, the easier the game of golf becomes. For example, most golfers that need to hit over the water before getting to the green will question their abilities. They will see the ball going into the water and the potential double bogey that will come along with that.


However, for those that want to focus on visualization and learn the concepts of seeing the ball land on the green near the pin (and not in the water), there are great benefits. IF you spend the time learning this process and using golf swing trainers to help you perform, you will end up a much better player.


The Divot Board could not be a better visual tool for your golf swing. You will get visual confirmation each time you swing as to whether or not the shot was struck correctly. When you transfer back to the golf course, this visual can be kept in place when looking at the turf. Recreating the visual and making the correct connection with the golf ball will not be difficult as long as enough time is spent practicing and perfecting the concept.