Do Golf Training Aids Work

Every golfer hopes to play better. Whether playing better means breaking 80, 90, or 100, it feels good to lower your scores and enjoy your time on the golf course. Many golfers will admit that they will do whatever it takes to try and get in a great round of golf. One of the most popular ways to improve is to use a golf training aid. Golf training aids come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types.

They can help everything from long game to short game to your mental game. The question is, do golf training aids actually work? Can they make you a better player? If you have always wondered what the answer to this question is, we have all the information you need. Let’s take a look at whether or not golf training aids are worth it.

What Is The Main Reason Golfers Use Training Aids?

At a very basic level, golfers use training aids to try and get better. Golf is a very difficult game, and in order to lower your scores, you have to put a lot of time and effort in. Many people don’t have the time, and they also don’t want to commit the time it takes to get great.

We live in a world of instant gratification. We expect Amazon packages to be delivered one day after they have been ordered; we want photos to print as we take them. Waiting, working for things, slow processes are not something that people are accustomed to anymore. 

Golf progress is challenging to speed up. It takes time, effort, and typically a financial investment to get good at golf. Golfers use training aids to try and speed up the process. With a training aid, you can typically feel the issue you are working on and therefore have an easier time incorporating it into your game.

Training aids can be used by various players, especially if there is an awareness of a specific issue. Although some training aids will focus on the entire swing, most will focus on one specific area that needs work.

The bottom line is that golfers use training aids to speed up their progress in the game.

What To Look For In A Great Golf Training Aid

Golf training aids change from year to year. When you think there is no hope for the issues you have in your game, take a look at some of the new releases to hit the market. Chances are there will be something that you have never seen before.

For a golf training aid to be a great choice, there are some key features that it must have. There is no sense in purchasing a training aid that does not effectively help you become a better player.


For golfers that have purchased training aids in the past, the fact that simple is better should come as no surprise. Some golf training aids become highly complicated; in fact, you will look at some of these training aids and wonder how they work, where you put them, and how they could possibly help you become a better player.

The simpler a golf training aid is, the better it is. Think for a moment about all that goes on when you swing your golf club. Not only do you need to get your body to rotate and work together, but your brain must also be tied into this equation as well.

At any given time, golfers tend to have 5 or more swing thoughts. Try adding in three or four extras from a training aid, and the results can be paralyzing. You will feel stuck in your ability to swing, and this is genuinely what leads to some players leaving the game. 

Simplicity in golf is a good thing and will lead to much lower scores.

Comfort and Feel

A golf training aid should not be uncomfortable. Some of these swing jacket type aids or something that has you taping your forearms together can get a point across, but it is certainly not comfortable. If you want to be able to return to the golf course at some point and bring this information with you, the device has to be comfortable and pleasant to use.

Some golf training aids you wear, and others are more of an external device. Depending on the type of learner you are, and how you can most easily transfer the information back to your game, you need to choose your golf training aid accordingly.

The last thing you want to do is start working with a training aid that ends up making the game harder on you. It has happened before; golf training aids can sometimes make you worse at golf.

Transfer Information To The Course

Do you have a friend that has become a driving range professional? This is what we call those golfers that can hit golf shots perfectly on the range but can’t transfer it to the golf course. These players have perfected using training aids to get their golf swing looking perfect. IN addition, Ine swings will allow for shots that fly high and straight toward a target on the range.

However, when these players get to the golf course, the information does not transfer. A person may look like a seven handicap when on the range and then head out to the course and look like a 25 handicap.

The reason behind this is that there is a disconnect between the golf course and the driving range. On the driving range, there is no pressure, and the golf course is entirely different.

A golf training aid needs to be effective enough to transfer what you have learned to the golf course. This typically means that you will want to ensure that your golf training aid is as close as possible to typical golf course conditions.

Golf hitting mats that help you see lines, putting tracks that can teach you to visualize even grips with alignment aids on them are all things that you can learn from and eventually work with on the golf course as well.


SO many golf training aids are purchased and then used one time. The reason behind this is that the aid is just not easy to transport and bring around with you. In addition, it is not convenient to use.

Great golf training aids can be brought to your office, your home, and to the driving range. Having a training aid that you can keep on your golf bag and take out after a round of golf is a great option. The point is that for the golf training aid to be used as often as it should be, you must ensure that it is portable and easy to carry around with you. 

With and Without A Golf Ball

One unique feature of many excellent golf training aids is that the aid can be used with and without a golf ball. This may come as a surprise, but a golf ball is not always necessary to practice golf. Golf balls can undoubtedly help, but there are many parts of the game that you can practice without using a golf ball.

One of the really convenient things about using a golf training aid that doesn’t need a golf ball is that you can use the training aid anywhere. If you want to set this up in your office and take a few swings while waiting for your next appointment, you can do so.

Having something that does not need to be used outside at a driving range can help to increase how often you use it.


Finally, a great golf training aid needs to offer golfers feedback. Feedback is what allows players to know if they are getting better or if they still need to work on this specific skill. Without feedback, the golf training aid is not worth it.

The quicker and more apparent the feedback is, the easier it is to make changes in your game. If you can find a training aid with instant feedback, it will quickly become one of your favorite ways to get better at golf.

What Makes The Divot Board The Best Golf Training Aid

The Divot Board has all the features of a great golf training aid. From the portability to instant feedback to replicating real golf course conditions. With the Divot Board, it does not matter if you are inside your home, at a driving range, or even practicing out on the golf course; you can easily throw the board down and get the instant feedback you need.

For players that are just learning the game, the Divot Board is also an educational training aid. Making connections and understanding what causes a golf ball to fly in a particular direction is a very important skill.

Do you want to take a golf lesson every time you start fading the ball?

If you understand golf ball flight laws and how your swing is impacted by them, you can quickly fix these issues yourself using the golf Drivot Board. In addition, the Divot Board helps with the main reason golfers purchase training aids; and that is to get better fast.

The quicker you want to get better, the more you will need to practice. With how effective the Divot Board is, you can use it daily to lower your scores at a much faster rate. Even beginners that implement some Divot Board work into their everyday routine can see tremendous advantages.

Will All Golfers Benefit From Golf Training Aids?

Golfers benefit from golf training aids as long as the aids are well designed and the golfers use them the proper way. If you purchase a golf training aid just because it worked for your friend, it may or may not have an impact on your game.

Each individual player has different positives and negatives of their golf game. You may do a really good job of keeping the club on the plane, but your tempo is inconsistent. These types of variations are common.

Finding a golf training aid that precisely pinpoints the issues you are having in your swing and then helps you work towards fixing them is really the only way a golf training aid can be effective.

If you wonder if your handicap is too high or too low to benefit from a golf training aid, you can rest assured that these aids have nothing to do with the handicap. Think of a golf training aid as something that helps players develop independent skills, more than an overall golf swing cure or fix.

The Divot Board allows golfers to work on their full swing in the most natural way possible. Simply swinging the golf club and getting feedback is one of the best ways to learn more about your game and eventually take it to the next level.

In the end, not all golfers will benefit from a training aid, but those that take the time to do the research before purchasing and then use the aid properly can see some significant improvements in their game. If a golf training aid can help you reach your goals faster, it will be well worth the price that you pay.