Divot Board

  • Immediate Feedback
  • Track ball flight through reading your divot
  • Read your divot, correct your swing

Divot Board: Feedback tool for wherever, whenever.

Why Is Instant Feedback So Important?

The feedback that the Divot Board will provide goes beyond being a golf thing and becomes a learning thing. People learn in all different ways, but for learning to be effective feedback should be given immediately.

When feedback is immediate, learning is much more meaningful. When a golfer can feel what they did and look at the divot board to know if it was effective, the brain can do lots of learning and connection building.

Waiting for an instructor to comment or watching where a ball lands may be too late. Certainly, this is the way golfers have been learning for years, but maybe that is what makes progress so slow. Does it need to take years to get good at golf?

Feedback can either be internal or external. For real improvement to take place, feedback needs to become more and more internal. A golfer needs to start to feel what they are doing wrong as opposed to being told what they are doing wrong.

Standing out on the fourteenth fairway, you will not have your instructor to tell you why you are slicing the golf ball. However, if you have spent the time swinging with the Divot Board and analyzing your results, you may be able to self-correct.

The closer a student gets to developing more and more internal feedback, the more useful the learning will be. This is when the pace of learning also starts to pick up. Where it took you months to make a golf swing change, it may now only take days.