Divot Board

The Divot BoardInstant Feedback!

The Divot Board offers instant feedback related to ball and ground contact.


Divot Board


  • Immediate Feedback
  • Track ball flight through reading your divot
  • Read your divot, correct your swing

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How The Divot Board Golf Trainer Works:

The Divot Board golf trainer works for both right and left-handed golfers and has 4 easy steps:

Position • Swing • Read • Repeat

    Divot Board

    Step 1


    Position the Divot Board to align the ball image with your set-up.

    Divot Board

    Step 2


    Keep your focus on the image of the golf ball. Take your swing.

    Divot Board

    Step 3

    Read Your Divot

    After your swing, read your divot. Assess changes for your next swing.

    Divot Board

    Step 4

    Adjust / Repeat

    Use your club or hand to reset the Divot Board. REPEAT!